“YouTube Studio Series” Article 7 of 7: Monetization in YouTube Studio

If you are monetizing, the Monetization tab at the channel level
will give you an overview, along with individual tabs giving you more
information about specific revenue sources, like merchandise,
memberships, giving, and more.

To turn on monetization or update ad settings for a specific video,
click on the video and then click “Monetization” in the left menu.

Then, you can turn monetization on or off. When you upload “long-form”
videos (ten minutes or longer), you can also enable ads during the middle
of the video.

These are called mid-roll ads.

You can enable these using the “Ad Breaks” tool. Under “Location of Video
Ads,” select “During Video” and then click “Place Manually.”

This will open the Studio Editor, where you can create, preview, and edit
either automatically generated or manually placed ads.

To create automatically generated mid-roll ads, click “Place Automatically.”

To place an ad manually, click “Add Ad Break.” When editing the placement of
your ad breaks, either enter specific time codes at the top of the page or use
the timeline below it to drag and drop the ad as necessary.

To delete, just click the trash can icon.

Once you’ve made your changes, click “Continue” and “Save” from the
Monetization page.

And you’ve got your ad placed just where you want it.

What if you’re new to monetization though? In order to monetize your
channel, you need to have 1,000 subscribers or more, and have at least
4,000 public watch hours in the past 12 months.

Oh, and follow the rest of YouTube’s monetization policies, which you
can easily look up.

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