“YouTube Studio Series” Article 4 of 7: Copyright in YouTube Studio

The Copyright Strikes card in YouTube Studio makes it easy
for you to see what strikes are affecting your channel.

It shows up as soon as you open the Dashboard.

If you click the card, you can see detailed information
about each copyright strike and how it’s affecting certain
videos in your channel.

This information can include the specific content in that
video that was identified by the claimant in the take-down
notice and the actions you can take to resolve the strikes.

You can also access the copyright strikes from your video
library on the Dashboard.

Filter the video library to show just videos with copyright

This filter shows both videos that have copyright strikes
and those that have content ID claims.

Hover over the “Restrictions” column. This will give you
information on what happens. You can then click it to open
up the copyright summary and status.

For a copyright take-down, which results in a copyright
strike, you’ll see details about the impact the strike has
on your channel, along with the video’s visibility and
monetization status (if you have that set up).

From here, you can also take action against the strike
by choosing to contact the claimant or to submit a counter

For a content ID claim that doesn’t result in a copyright
strike, you’ll see details about the claim’s impact on
your channel and the video’s visibility and monetization

You’ll also be able to see the content being claimed,
including the time code at which it appears and the impact
the claim has on your video.

From this view, you can also take relevant actions to resolve
the claim, such as trimming out the segment, replacing the
song, or muting the song. You can also dispute the claim.

Any of these edits will keep your original video URL and
views intact.

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